Introduction: Grilled White Peach Salad

Peaches are now available from California!!  The White peaches and this contest are what inspired this dish.

Grilled White Peach salad
Black Garlic and champagne marinated white peaches, with honey poached rhubarb, vanilla panna cotta, arugula, and pink pepper carbonated grapefruit.

Step 1: Panna Cotta

I love a silky smooth panna cotta for dessert, so I figured I would mix it up and use it for a sweet/savory salad.  Panna Cotta is one of the easiest desserts to make and requires very few dishes.

Panna Cotta
3/4C  Heavy Cream
1/4C  Whole Milk
1ea  Sheet Gelatin (Silver)
1t  Honey
3T  Sugar
1ea  Vanilla Bean
Pinch  Salt

The salt is very important!!
To start place gelatin in water to cover
Combine cream, milk, honey, vanilla bean and sugar in a pot.
Bring to a simmer, add the pinch of salt and taste, it should have improved the flavors of vanilla, honey, and cream.
Once simmering, squeeze the water out of the gelatin and add to the milk, stir using a spatula (you do not want to whip air into this custard).
Let the mixture stand for 10 minutes.
Grab 3-4 bowls with a wide bottom, pour the warm custard into the bowl, filling it no more than a 1/4 inch.
Place the bowls in the fridge to set.

-Next up, peaches, and rhubarb!

Step 2: Peaches and Rhubarb

To prepare the peaches and rhubarb you will need a food-saver or a vacuum packing machine and a warm water bath at 180° either on the stove or by using an immersion circulator.


2ea  White Peaches
3  Tarragon Stems
6ea  Chives
6ea  Black Garlic Cloves
1T  Champagne

Cut the peaches in half and remove the pit.
Rough cut the chives and black garlic.
Place all ingredients into a vacuum bag and seal on the highest setting.
Place the whole bag in the water bath for 2 minutes then shock in ice water.


1/2C Orange Juice
1/4C  Honey
Pinch Salt
4ea  Rhubarb Stalks

Clean the rhubarb.  Combine orange juice, salt, and honey, mix well.
Place all ingredients into a vacuum bag and seal at the highest setting.
Poach the rhubarb until soft, about 8-10 minutes.
Remove from water bath and shock in ice water.

When both items are chilled strain juices and reserve, set the peaches and rhubarb aside.  On to the carbonated pink pepper grapefruit!

Step 3: Carbonated Pink Pepper Grapefruit

For this step you will need an ISI Soda charger, two CO2 canisters, and the ingredients listed below.

Peppercorn Syrup

1/2#  Water
1/2#  White Sugar
1T  Pink Peppercorns

Combine all and simmer.
Cool the mixture in an ice bath
Supreme one grapefruit (Peel the grapefruit with a knife, and remove each segment).

Place the segments and about 1T of the peppercorn syrup into the soda charger.
Apply to blast of CO2 and place the canister int he fridge for a minimum of 2 hours.

Next up, Assembly

Step 4: Grilled Peach Salad Assembly

What you need:
Poached peaches
Poached rhubarb
Carbonated grapefruit
Panna Cotta
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Reserved juices
A hot grill!

Place the peaches in a bowl and toss with olive oil, salt, and pepper, place them on the grill.  Cook them until warm
Toss the arugula with salt, pepper, olive oil, and 2t of the rhubarb poaching liquid.
Place the arugula on the panna cotta, follow by the peach.
Slice the rhubarb thin, and place on top of the peach.
Carefully pull the trigger to release the CO2 from the ISI and empty out the grapefruit segments.  They should have tuned white in spots.  Those are the bubbles!!
Place segments on the salad and dress the whole salad with the black garlic and champagne liquid.