Introduction: Grilled Watermelon Salad With Chervil

this grilled fruit salad is super easy, yet very impressive. You an use a large watermelon for the bowl, and serve it family style, or use small personal watermelons and give everyone their own. Either way, this is sure to impress your guests. The sweet-spicy chervil and the peppery arugula, and the salty goat cheese all work together help balance the sweetness of the fruit.




Agave nectar



Goat cheese crumbles

Balsalmic vinegar

Black pepper


Step 1: Cooking the Fruit

Cut watermelon and pineapple into 2"cubes. Put fruit on a metal skewer. Liberally brush fruit with agave nectar. Cook the fruit on high heat over the BBQ. Cook approximately 3-4 minutest. Flip, Cook each side of fruity. Remove from BBQ.

Step 2: Preparing the Watermelon Bowl

Using either a large watermelon or a personal sized melon,, cut in half and scoop out melon (this melon can be used for the grilled fruit). Slice a small amount of the skin from the bottom of the melon to give it an even surface. This will prevent your bowl from rolling of f the plate.

Step 3: Prepare Salad

in the bowl, assemble salad. This will include arugula, chervil, fruit, goat cheese crumbles, salt and pepper. Top with balsalmic vinegar before serving. Enjoy the oohs and ahs from your guests!!

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