Introduction: Grocery Bag Jewelry

Thrift?  Frugality?  Eco-accessories?  Something you can do while being lazy on the couch?  You got it!

This Instructable shows how to make a macrame bracelet entirely out of grocery bags (and a few beads if you prefer).  This same technique can also be applied to making a ring.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
  • Scissors
  • Plastic Grocery Bags
  • Lighter
  • Bottle
  • Beads (optional)

Step 2: Cut Bag

Cut off the bottom of the bag.

Using your index finger as measurement, start cutting a long, spiraled band from the bag.  It won't really curl, but think of it like peeling an apple in one solid strip.

Step 3: Make a Wrap

Wrap the grocery bag ribbon several times around a bottle.  Double check that the resulting circle will fit over your hand.

Step 4: Start Knotting

Leave a "tail" of one end of the wrap exposed, and with the other end, start tying a series of half hitches.

Step 5: Knot End and Snip

Knot the "tail" and the end you've been working with.

Snip the excess.

You can stop here if you like!  Or continue on...

Step 6: Make the Twine

This Instructable does an excellent job of explaining how to make rope/twine out of fibers.  The same principle applies here.

Cut a grocery bag into thin strips.

In groups of 4, start twisting it into twine.

Once you have enough (~12"/30cm), you can snip the beginning end and melt it a bit with a lighter.  This will make beading easier.

If you need extra length:
  • Bundle 4 more strips and overlap with a bit of excess where you've already twisted.
  • Twist the new bundle a few times before adding another bundle to the other half in the same way.  This will keep things orderly with minimal confusion and enough fingers to keep going.
  • Once you've worked through a few twists, you can snip away the excess and continue twisting.
The twine is actually quite attractive!

Step 7: Beading

Thread the twine through the half hitch loops and add a bead between the weaving.

Knot the ends and snip excess.

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