Groovey Bench

Introduction: Groovey Bench

About: Born and raised in beautiful Costa Rica. Love America and it is my Home Sweet Home. Enjoy going to yard sales or Thrift Stores to pic my next challenging project idea.

I found this bench on a local website in my home town. Loved it the minute I saw it..Oh boy another great project to work on I though. 
Been born in the 60's I grew up with all the 70's looking furniture and it was fantastic. 
I decided to make some changes.

First: I removed the screws from the sitting part 4 screws not so hard

Second: Took all the buttons from the cushion as you can see the material is all loose.

Third: Started removing the dusty sandy mustard material from the cushion. It took me two long
days removing a million staples. Make sure you take your time and use good tools to remove those hard to get staples.

Fourth: Cleaned the cushion and set it aside to re-covered  with a cool Zebra material
I sanded and used a spray primer for the entire bench.

Fifth: Once dry from the primer paint, I used a Silver spray paint. I sprayed it evenly back and forth not to close to the wood that way it won't make a mess with to much paint.

Six: Re-covered the cushion with my awesome Zebra black & white material

Seven: Proceed to screw the sitting cushion to the bench with my 4 screw and enjoyed my lovely bench today.

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    Pretty! My husband and I reupholstered a computer chair once and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Maybe I should do more reupholstering :)


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Way cool. I like to do more reupholstery but sometimes I think I can get over my head. Some of the projects requires tools I don't have and material can be very costly. I just work on the things I can so far so good. One day I hope to take a class at a college so I can learn more about reupholstery.
    Have an awesome day.