Introduction: Hopeless With Beauty

About: Born and raised in beautiful Costa Rica. Love America and it is my Home Sweet Home. Enjoy going to yard sales or Thrift Stores to pic my next challenging project idea.

I found the 2 hopeless chairs at a yard sale. I decided to buy them and make them look beautiful again.

First I removed the broken wood from one of the chairs since it had a broken arm rest.
Second removed the sitting part and re-cover it with a beautiful White&Black material.
The color on the chairs was plain and boring so I sanded and clean the chairs then paint them with a color called Franchesca.
I proceed to re- invent a backing area which I had never done before. I knew it was a challenge, but I was so excited about my project I decide nothing was going to stop me. I search and found a way to make the back side work with strong straps crossing them left and right then staple them to the back of the chair that will be cover with material using a strong material glue.  
I used a good size screws to make sure it was safe and comfortable to sit on.
The chairs turn out fantastic that I decided to sell them and boy I made a good profit.

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