Introduction: Grow Light System PVC Frame

This is a cost efficient alternative for an indoor grow light system, the approximate cost is $44.

I decided to do this because my wife wanted to start her plants for the garden indoors.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

PVC was the material of choice because it is light, strong, and efficient for this application.

Please wear eye protection and be safe when use the cutting tools, use good common sense.

Here is the list of tools and materials:


Quick Square Layout Tool, regular ruler

Measuring tape

Hand saw or miter saw

PVC pipe 3/4" diameter schedule 40 approx 30' length

2 eye bolts with nuts 3/16" x 2"

8 "T" Fittings 3/4" diameter

8 90 degree Elbow Fittings 3/4" diameter

Utilitech 48-1/4-in Fluorescent Shop Light

2 x F32 T8 Fluorescent Bulb

Step 2: Cutting the PVC Pipe

Take the PVC pipe and cut the following lengths:

2 - 43" pieces

2 - 48.5" pieces

4 - 16" pieces

4 - 18" pieces

8 - 1.5" pieces

Step 3: Assembly

Start with the bottom frame.

Take each 48.5" PVC piece and assemble an elbow at each end of the pipes.

Assemble a 1.5" PVC piece after each elbow, then assemble a "T" Fitting after the 1.5" PVC piece.

Join the "T" Fittings on each piece with 2 - 16" pieces.

Now the upper frame.

Take each 43" PVC piece and assemble a "T" Fitting at each end of the pipes.

Assemble a 1.5" PVC piece after each "T" Fitting, then assemble an elbow after the 1.5" PVC piece.

After each elbow assemble an 18" PVC piece, then join the PVC pieces with the "T" fittings on the bottom frame.

Join the "T" fittings on each piece of the upper frame with 2 - 16" PVC pieces.

With a drill, make a hole of approx 3/16" diameter in the middle point of each of the 16" PVC pieces.

Use a pliers to open the eye bolt to a hook, if necessary.

Insert the eye bolts with nuts 3/16" x 2", this will support the light fixture.

Step 4: Final Set Up

Put your structure in the desired spot, attach the light fixture to the eye bolts/hooks (notice the eye bolts/hooks will give you the flexibility to vary the height of the lights), and turn it on.

Thanks for reading, happy assembly :)

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