Introduction: Growing Cardamon on Your Reading Table From Scratch

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Cardamon is a famous spice used in the sweet foods especially in the desserts. This can be grown for just pleasure too.
In this instructables, we will discover how can you create a cardamon farm on your reading table!

Step 1: Gather Your Farming Materials

You will need some household materials to build your farm. Let's check out the list-

1. Some cardamons ( the seeds!)
2. A plastic bottle
3. Soil
4. Water ( to make the soil muddy and to prepare the seeds )
5. Vermicompost ( recommended )

And some handy tools are needed to create the farm.
All gathered? Let's begin!

Step 2: Prepare the Seeds

Take some cardamoms/ cardamons. You don't need too much, because multiple plants will grow from a single cardamon.
Then, take a bowl and pour some water. Drop the cardamons in that and wet them for 24 hours.
Check the picture if your cardamons are looking like that after 24 hours.

Step 3: Prepare the Soil

Hmm.... The hard step. Cardamon plants require quite wet soil. Not too much and not too less. Your soil should look like muddy but should not be very wet.
So, first, take a plastic bottle and cut a part of it's body like the 1st picture.
Next, put some soils into it. Don't put so much. The depth should be around 3-5 cm. Now pour a little water and make it quite muddy. It should look like the second picture.

Step 4: Sow the Seeds

Now, decorticate the cardamons like the first picture. You will see the little seeds hiding inside. If it looks lile the 1st picture, you have got it.

Now, place them on the soil. Don't remove the skin. Follow the 2nd picture to do this. Place them with a gap between each other.

Step 5: Last Works

At last, keep a little soil on the seeds so that, they are fully covered by the soil.
Don't forget to make this soil muddy.
Now keep it somewhere there is enough sunlight. This can be your reading table or the balcony.
The plant should grow within some days.
You should pour a little water everyday too.

Step 6: Thanks!

Thanks to read this instructable. This is my first instructable here. If you liked it Don't forget to vote me in the GARDENING CONTEST.

Thanks a lot!

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