Introduction: Guardians of the Galaxy Battleship Paper Airplane

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This is one of my best designs in my opinion, Inspired from the guardians of the galaxy movie, and has been recorded as a stable design with a good flying distance. A moderate to strong throw is more than enough to see this design fly at its best.

first thing you need an A4 sheet of paper and you can use a tape glue

Step 1:

1) Starting with our usual two steps, fold the LANDSCAPE oriented paper into half.

2) Open the fold again.

Step 2:

Then fold the corners of the paper to line the upper order of the triangle with the central fold

Step 3:

Then fold the paper to make the tip of the plane line with the base of the triangle which you formed in the previous step.

Step 4:


Step 5:

unfold any side and fold the other side in the same length of the previous fold.

Step 6:

now unfold the extra-folded side twice, and fold the second half twice

Step 7:

return the paper as it was it was after step 4

Step 8:

now fold and then unfold the central fold again.

Step 9:

Cut the middle line BETWEEN the tip of the small triangles and the base

Step 10:

Now fold the resulted two trianles to UNDER the Foldings which you made in step 5

Step 11:

Fold the two sides to one another to form the body

Step 12:

Then fold the body to form the wing

Step 13:

Finally fold the end of the wing to line the outer border of the corner of the wing (or the tip if there was no 90O corner formed) with the inner tip of the lower part of the wing.

Step 14:

if you faced any problems with this design, you can watch the video tutorial on YouTube.

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