Introduction: Guide to Fresh Water Tackle

In this instructable i am going to show you all of the basic fresh water fishing tackle and tools that you will need to fish for bass,pike,crappie,and other fresh water game fish found threw ought the hole united states

Step 1: Tackle Box

our Tackle Box is one of your most important tools with out it you would have nowhere to put all of your tackle in. Tackle Boxes range from about 5-100 dollars for fresh water don't buy anything special if you are new to the art and sport of fishing. Start with a walmart special Tackle box for about 15 dollars, like my flambeau I have had this thing for 3 years and it has never failed me yet.

Step 2: Free & Close to Free Tackle

Before you spend all of your money on tackle you should check local pawn shops,and second hand stores like goodwill.This cast craft tackle box is a good example i found it at a local pawn shop for 20 dollars. This tackle box was loaded with tackle it had at least 100 dollars in tackle.

Step 3: Lures

you will want a fairly large verity of lures starting at the top with poppers going down to crank baits.
Rapala lures are the best in my opinion and after Rapala i would recommend storm wordens rooster tails

Step 4: Tools

the tools of fishing that are not used to fish are good to have for many reasons like removing hooks and cutting the barbs.the most use full tool is your pliers you use these to cut line,bend barbs,remove hooks,and much more.another tool is a good knife like a Swiss army knife or survival knife.

Step 5: Rod & Reel

buy a good rod and reel set for around 40 dollars at least don't buy a cheap zebco bait caster or button release learn to use a spinner real you will have more control over your lures and bait. I recommend a 6.5 foot ugly stick and a Penn reel this is not the cheapest but is a great investment that is worth. if you are not willing to pay a lot i don't blame you. but another choice if you are on a low budget buy a cheap spinner at walmart.

Step 6:

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