Introduction: Guide to Nerf

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I know, I know, all of you mod NERF guns to make them more powerful and shoot farther. However, if you were in a NERF war, you probably wouldn't be able to use them. I wrote this as a guide to NERF war since the only guides already out there are for mods. I will go into detail about the 4 main jobs which are needed on any winning NERF team.  Don't forget, everyone needs a sidearm!

P.S. My "Stampede" is the pictured gun. its the best all-around gun there is(In my opinion) ! (The "Vulcan" works too)

P.P.S. If you think this is a bit over-the-top, then you don't know anyone in my NERF squad.

Step 1: The Sniper

The keys to being a sniper are: an accurate gun (ie. longshot,longstrike, stampede, raider), an accurate person, an accurate scope (its all about accuracy!), and a good hiding spot. A well hidden sniper can take out entire squadrons of field officers (more on them later) .

Step 2: The Defender

 A defenders's job is to stay by the base and take out any enemies that make it that far. A vulcan or stampede is best because of their two modes, auto and sniper. It is also a good idea to have snipers around hidden at strategic locations around the base.

Step 3: The "Field Man"

The type of gun for this job varies greatly depending on things like rank, terrain, position, and your own physical abilities. I usually suggest a machine gun that can hold a VERY large amount of ammunition. Therefore, since you never know when the next firefight will begin, you can continue thinning enemy ranks while still having plenty of ammunition. Plus, I find it easier to just hold down the trigger and swing the gun barrel from side to side in the general direction of the enemy forces.

Step 4: The "Big Cheeses"

If you are lucky enough to secure a position of command, (Captain to General/ commander. I forget which position is higher.) then you need to read this section. All command positions (excepting Captain) do NOT usually enter the field of battle. You will be chosen for these positions based on intelligence, not physical capabilities. You will be choosing the positions of your soldiers and exactly how and when they are to attack. I find that placing a full squadron of VERY well hidden snipers along the enemy's "path" can take out more than double the number of soldiers that are in that squadron.

Step 5: The Base

EVERY team needsa good base, for this is what the "Big Cheeses" (see step 4) will rely on for protection. Typically, a very large bunker can work but if you a really serious about NERF wars, I suggest building a battlefield complete with a plywood base (size is your choice!).  I also suggest adding "turrets" such as a PVC pipe mounted "Big Bad Bow" or "Titan" missile launchers. A large automatic with tripod will work too.

Step 6: Some Basic Rules

1. __ hits and you are dead for ___ seconds/minutes.
2. (In capture the flag) You MUST plant the enemy flag touching yours.
3. You also must put the flag back in the enemy base if you are killed when holding it.
4. Headshot=Automatic death. For snipers, the same rule goes for chest shots.
5. Any intentional shooting in inappropriate places results in automatic death for the shooter and the victim is automatically given the flag.
6. Go on the "Honor System" about whos not dead. If the shooter has more than 2 other wittnesses the person is dead. No arguments.

Step 7: The Last Rule...

7. Last but most important, HAVE FUN!! Remember, its (usually) only a game!

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