Introduction: Guide to AQ (AdventureQuest) Hacking

 This guide will show you how to hack the popular online game AdventureQuest.
You can reach level 50 or higher in just a few days.

Supplies   * marks optional

Computer with internet access
WinRAR (google it)
Small amount of time
An AQ account
My updated Trainer

*Monster IDs.txt         
*Shop IDs.txt           

Don't bother about the image notes those come in later on.

If for some reason you mess up your computer or get your
account banned I take no responsibility for your stupidity. It is simply not my fault.

Step 1: Getting the Trainer

The trainer we will be using is the AQ elite. This trainer was created by The Immortal for people to use to hack AQ. Recently however it has been outdated and therefore is useless. I thought this trainer deserved a second chance so I updated the lore version and repackaged it. I have uploaded the new version to my site for public download. Also on the download page are two text documents both of which you should download.

you can get a copy by visiting my M33L0 page here  (

It has come to my attention that some virus scanners and spy ware blockers have detected AQ elite.exe as a trojan virus. I can assure you that the trainer is completely free of and viruses. I have downloaded this trainer on 3 different computers and have looked at the actual source code myself.

*note*  If anyone knows how to fix a view counter please help me because the viewcounter on my homepage is stuck at 132.

Step 2: Unpacking AQ Elite

When the download is finished a dialogue box with the options to "open with" and "save as". select the "open with" option and (assuming it already isn't set to default) slect WinRAR as the program to use.  You will now be presented with a WinRAR window titled AQ Elite [Lore3542]. At the top of the window you will see your toolbar. A short distance down you will see the directory to archive. Still further down you will see two filenames. One is simply a link to the parent directory and is labeled with two periods. The other is labeled the same at the window title. Double click on the second folder. Inside you will see several files. If you already downloaded the Monster and Shop Ids you should select everything above those two files and click the "extract to" button at the top of the window. If you did not download the txt files then you should select everything in the folder before clicking "extract to".  Another dialogue box will appear. In this box you should select where you want the trainer to go (the desktop is always good) and then extract the files.

Step 3: Opening the Trainer

OK seriously I just explained step by step in detail how to use WinRAR! If you don't know how to open the EXE file you just extracted then you shouldn't even be on this site. nuff said.

Step 4: The Trainer Window

The trainer is very complex and has many features. I will only go into the basics in this step. The picture of me in awesome Golden Dragon Slayer Eclipse wielding the Golden Axe should be used for staring at in awe and for reference to the parts of the trainer.

Check ALL the notes in the picture before going to the next step. The notes explain the different parts of the trainer and what they are used for. Try not to focus to much on my character as this may cause excessive drooling and/or permanent brain damage from too much awesomeness.

Step 5: Hack.

using the picture on the last step as a guide begin hacking using your AQ account or a test account. In fact I suggest you start an extra account and use that first just so you can see this isn't a scam. below are a few helpful hints to get you started.

DO NOT use the shoplifter too much. It isn't very stable and can lead to a ban.

DO NOT enter any shop labeled rare or admin! They will ban you.

DO NOT go to the Admin Menu!!! It will ban you and doesn't work anyway.

DO NOT travel to areas that your normal character cannot go to. Obvious ban.

DO NOT let ANYONE use your trainer. If they get on your account you can kiss it goodbye

ALWAYS set the game quality to LOW before playing. This greatly improves speed.

DO NOT spam up my comment section if the hacks don't work for you. chances are you did something wrong with the set up or the lore has been updated.

ALWAYS give me some sort of acknowledgment when showing off your 1337 account.

DO NOT hack or bot for insane periods of time. You WILL get banned.

BE CAREFUL when using new features such as auto-quest and BOA complete

Step 6: AQ Updates

AQ is constantly updating to new versions of the game and with each new version I have to reprogram, repackage, and reupload the trainer. Don't yell at me if I don't get to it right away. I won't mind if you PM me once or twice as a reminder but don't spam up the comment section with messages about how I need to give you better stuff. I don't owe you anything and if you spam I won't update the trainer at all. With that said happy hacking!


If for some reason you mess up your computer or get your account banned I take no responsibility for your stupidity. It is simply not my fault.

Step 7: My Account (Skip This Step)

This step is only for those who are interested in the results of using this trainer.
I have used this trainer for about one year. Below are my character stats.

Level: 105
Gold: 1.5 mil
Best Armors: Golden Plate and Guardian Leprechaun Power Armor.
Best Weapons: RageBreaker (12-48 damage) and Blade of Awe  (Damage unknown)
Best Item: Mogga Idol 13
Pet: I cant remember the name but its from the thunder mountain quest.
Account Type: Guardian (soon to get X boost)
Banned?: Once for about a week

Strength: 200
Dexterity: 0
Intellect: 0
Endurance: 200
Charisma: 120
Luck: 5

Thats all! Not a great account but you can see that the trainer really does work.