Introduction: Guinness Pot Pot Putt Putt Steam Candle Boat

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Welcome to my "ible" #42.

My 1st attempt to build a pot pot boat. I've seen a lot of different designs on YouTube and there are also a lot of tutorials, very useful... (thanks for that, by the way).

I've never fully liked the final results, so I've decided to make mine, entirely from Guinness Draught tin cans (my favourite beer). Please #drinkaware and just if you have the age required by the law in your own country.

If Guinness wants to sponsor me, sending me a few "samples", it will be more than welcome. :-)


For this "ible" you need:

2 cans of Guinness

28cm brass tubing 4mm diameter



scissor for metal

epoxy glue


electrical tape


sandpaper 120 grits

Sugru Glue

Epoxy glue

Step 1: Building the Hull

Using Google, type hull for pot pot boat, you'll find an example you can print and use to build your own one.

I made also a prototype, built using paper, to have a rough idea how the boat would have been, but later I've changed my mind, because I've realized putting a cylinder on it, would have immediately remind the usual can of the beer.

Be extramely careful when you handle/cut the tin cans because the edges are sharp as razors!!!

Anyway, going back to the cylinder, I've cut a piece of 12cmx15cm.

Using the black electrical tape, I've joined the 2 sides together.

Step 2: Cut and Bend the Brass Tube

Using the hacksaw, cut the pipe in order to have 2 tubes long 14cm.

After this step, bend them using the table and a pair of plier.

Using the sandpaper, sand the brass tubes, in this way when you'll apply the epoxy glue you'll have a better bond.

Make 2x 4mm diameter holes in the stern (back) of the pot pot boat and 2 in the cylinder you've just made.

In this way the bent tubes will have a bit of support, keeping the boiler more stable.

Step 3: Build the Boiler

Step 1 - Cut a rectangle 18cmx9cm and fold it in half. Don't push it hard, otherwise you'll tear the metal compromising irremediably the seal.

Step 2 - Mark out 1 cm line around one half of the boiler.

Step 3 - Fold it in half and fold the tabs on both sides as well.

Step 4 - Cut off the excess tab, leaving one long tab along the bottom.

Step 5 - Slide the tubes 2cm inside the boiler, cutting the bottom tab along each side of the tubes.

Step 6 - Sand all the sides of the boiler and, using a lot of epoxy glue (use disposable gloves when you handle it), create a thick layer around them, being sure that the tubes are completely surrounded by the glue, creating a good seal.

Complete this task giving a gentle squeeze (using the pliers) to the tabs previously cut, without ripping the metal.

During this task, be aware that a lot of epoxy will squirt out of the boiler, therefore do this process on a piece of disposable cardboard.

Let the glue set for 24 hours.

Step 4: Building the Quill

To give more stability to the boat, I built a quill, cutting 2 pieces from the tin can, following the shape of "The Harp".

I also put a 2 penny coin in between and I glue the 2 pieces together.

I made 2 tabs glueing the quill at the bottom of the pot pot boat.

In this way I've lowered the centre of gravity.

Step 5: Light a Tealight and Wait...

Using a syringe, prime the boiler with a bit of water, pushing the water in one of the tube.

Keep the boat flat during this process and wait, until you'll see the water coming out the 2nd pipe.

Light a tealight positioning it exactly under the boiler and wait...

it takes a few minutes before the water will start to boil.

In the meanwhile, watch the video about my previous failed attempt.

Step 6: Guinness Pot Pot Boat at Full Steam!

Enjoy it!

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