Introduction: Guitar Remake by Thirteen Year Old

About: I'm a fourteen year old student, that loves working with anything. love playing my Guitar.


I'm Wyndham and this is my first instructable. I love working with wood and anything to do with creation really!!

I made this guitar about 1 and a half years ago when I was thirteen, hence why i haven't many pictures. Please scuse.

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Step 1: Step 1: Find an Old Guitar

Firstly you need to find an old guitar with a broken body. You could use a guitar that is broken in other places but you will have to replace those parts. Mine had a lovely crack in the body, which i got of a frien who said it was worthless and gave it to me free. It was an old Squire like the one above.

Step 2: Step 2: Take It to Bits and Choose Your Colors

You then need to take it to bits. I haven't got any pictures of this, but its pretty easy. you just unscrew the screws and then take it all out.


You will find that the scratch-plate it wired up to the output. do not pull this wire. take it close and cut the wire about a centimeter away from the output. keep all parts, you'll need them all later.

Then choose your colors. I chose the wood, black and chrome as my color base. I used these colors only, so that my guitar didn't look like a funny shaped rainbow!!!

Step 3: Step 3: Strip Down Your Neck and Stain It

You need to sand down your neck and then choose a color to stain it with, if you don't like the wood color, I didn't. The color i chose was black, because it matched my future scratch-plate and also i couldn't find any silver stain. I used outside wood stain from B&Q. I only needed on of the little tester pots.

I covered up all the areas i wanted to keep, with double-sided sticky tape, because it was the nearest thing i had that worked, although i am sure you could use other things.

I then thought that the neck would look boring if it was all black, so i put a line up the back. The pictures got two but i ended up doing one.

i put for coats of stain on without taking the sticky tape off the back, and then covered the whole thing, minus the fret-board, in a final coat.

Step 4: Step 4: Make the Body

I asked a friend of mine for a bit of wood for a guitar, and he very kindly gave me a lovely piece of African mahogany. He cut the shape and i used a sander to shape the body to how i wanted it. i then got my Dad to router it out, because firstly i'd never tried one before, and two, imagine me with a router!!!

I then coated it in hard wax-oil, which gave it a wonderful finish.

Step 5: Step 5: Buy the Necessary Parts and Finish It

I then bought a black three-ply scratch-plate, chrome knobs and pick-up covers and an new out-put, coz it didn't work. I also bought a new back-plate and some strings.

Then all you need to do is put it all together. Nice and simple.

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