Introduction: Guitar Wall Hanger

I was at the local Guitar Center today and noticed that they are charging 15.00 bucks for a wall mount to hang your guitar by... I figured it would take about 20 minutes and a few bucks but it would save me some cash, which i dont have right now.

Step 1: Gather Parts

The first step is to gather parts... The parts i used were:

Hollow Wall Anchors #6-32 X 2-3/8"
SUPER Tool hanger
Scrap Closet rod with a flat side.

Step 2: Prep Parts

In this step I cut the closet rod scrap to a length of 4" and drilled 3 holes. 2 on each end for the screws to go through, and 1 pre-hole for the Super Tool to screw into.

Step 3: Assemble

Put everything together and hang it on the wall..

I never said this was hard..

You have to first mark where the wall anchors are going to be and then pound them into the wall and screw them all the way tight so that they're anchored to the wall. Then, when you screw it through the closet rod, the threads will catch.

Step 4: Keep Your Guitars Out of the Reach of Small Children...

And midgets... if you so choose.

Hang the gee tar on the wall and enjoy.

I made three of these for just over 8 bucks when Guitar Center was charging 15.00 each for them.