Introduction: Gypsy Wagon

here is the second Gypsy wagon I built along with some friends . I hope you enjoy it.

Step 1: Build Your Harbor Freight Trailer !

Step 2: Build 4x8 Box Out of 2x12s

Step 3: Floor Subframe Is 2x4s .. You Could Just Slap a 4x8 Sheet on This But I Was Afraid of Deflection.

Step 4: Add 3/4 Plywood.

Step 5: Screw It All Down With Exterior Grade Deck Screws.

Step 6: I Added the Ledges First But in Retrospect I Should Have Done the Gussets First.

Step 7: Add You Own Flare Here !

Step 8: Screw and Glue All Gussets

Step 9: You Could Stop Here and Have Very Cool Wagon Lol!

Step 10: Time to Transfer Your Drawing From That Napkin !

Step 11: Cut Out Your Shape !

Step 12: King Pins Installed Now Hang Your Cut Outs on the King Pins and Screw Them Down.

Step 13: Front and Back Walls Are Hung

Step 14: Side Frame Is 2x2s 16s on Center.

Step 15: Dont Forget to Cut These Notches

Step 16: Fit Roof Stringers I Used 10 Footers

Step 17: Add Insulation to Side Walls

Step 18: Cut Out Doors and Windows !

Step 19: Fasten Roof Stringers

Step 20: Used Pneumatic Stapler and Glue to Add 1/4 Ply Walls in and Out.

Step 21: The Ceiling Pieces Are Next ! We Used 1 Inch Wood Screws for This Bit.

Step 22: Cut and Install More Insulation in Between Stringers and Taped With Heavy Duty Foil Tape

Step 23: Time to Add the Bows (1/4 Inch Lath Boards)

Step 24: Lay Poly Propylene Tarp and Install Lath Strips Front ,back and Sides . Trim Off Excess !

Step 25: Stain and Varnish (or Paint) Your Favorite Color !

Step 26: Time to Build Window Frames and Door Frame .

Step 27: Trim Over All Your Seems and Around Door and Windows

Step 28: Add Window and Door Stops .

Step 29: Dry Fit Doors and Windows (all Built With Kreg Jig) Window Are 2x2 and Door Is Made From 2x4 and a Piece of 4/4 Ply.

Step 30: Finish Doors and Windows. Cut and Mortise for Hardware .

Step 31: Time to Take It All Back Down Add Window Stops, Varnish ,dry Fit Glass. (glass Was From Seattle Stained Glass)

Step 32: Install Glass for the Last Time.

Step 33: Install Door Windows and Hardware !!

Step 34: Install Deck !! Exterior Is Done !!!

Step 35: Install Bed Platform and Benches I Also Put Some 110 Outlets.

Step 36: Install Flooring

Step 37: Install Trim Over All Seems !

Step 38: Trim Trim Trim Trim ...trim. Add Curtains and a Bed !

Step 39: Finishing Touches


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