Introduction: HAUNTED (ceramic) HOUSE

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A fun and easy decoration for HaLlOwEeN

Step 1: Lets Begin

The supplies are


(I have access to a kiln so my project is ceramic, however, this can be created using airdrop clay and acrylic or watercolor paint)

rolling pin, cookie cutters, paint brushes etc....

roll a slab of clay, cut piece 8"X15" to form cylinder.

place cylinder on a slightly larger rolled clay and turn up edge to create base. If firing in kiln be sure to poke a hole in the base to prevent air from getting trapped inside.

Step 2: Roof Top

gently pinch across the top of the cylinder

roll a slab of clay to cut oval shape 6"X7", I pressed a pattern into my clay to look like old shingles.

next place the slab over the house and gently press along the fold.

Step 3: Decorating the House

roll more clay slabs and use your cookie cutters to cut various shapes out to decorate the house...I used a skeleton and some bones to place around the base

gently score (put scratches in the clay) and rub with slip (dilute a little clay with water to create a buttery texture to apply over the scoring) before pressing onto the hose.

I cut bats and placed them on the roof.

Step 4: Painting

I painted everything black and then wiped areas clean with a sponge...I left the bats on the roof black and wiped the spaces around them.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

I glazed and fired my haunted house, If you use air dry clay you might want to fix it with a clear spray.

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