Introduction: HC-05 Bluetooth Programmer

To build this programmer you will need >>>



1xLP2985AIM 3.3

2x 0.1uF 1206 - ceramic capacitors

2x 0R 1206

2x 0.1uF 0805 - ceramic capacitors

4x 1k 0805 - resistors

2x 120R 0805- resistors

2x 3mm led for indication ( Green led - power, Red led - Bluetooth)

1x USB mini-b socket

Header pins, copper board

Step 1: PCB Board

Design printed circuit board (PCB), I was used ,,Sprint-Layout" software.

Step 2: Configure FTDI232RL

To configure FTDI232RL you will need to download MProg 3.5

Mprog > File Open > serial_port.ept

Mprog > Device > Program

If you have success you will see at ,,Device manager" USB serial port

If you have Windows XP you will need update ftdi usb drivers

Step 3: Programing HC-05 Bluetooth Modulle

I am using ,,Hercules setup utility" to program bluetooth modulle

Hercules > Serial > Baud (38400) Open

AT commands for example

Check baudrate >> AT+UART?$0D$0A

Set baudrate 230400 >> AT+UART=230400,0,0$0D$0A

Set name ,,TEST" >> AT+NAME=TEST$0D$0A

AT comand list

Step 4: Testing