Introduction: HDPE Upcycling Lamp

Make a stylish lamp with low cost everyday materials.

Step 1: Get HDPE Bottles

Gather at least 20 HDPE milk or juice bottles

Step 2: Wash HDPE Bottles

Wash milk or juice bottles after use to avoid residues

Step 3: Cut These 3 Pieces From a Bottle

Cut these 3 pieces from an HDPE bottle. Repeat at least 15 times

Step 4: Join This 2 Pieces Using Zip Ties

Join these 2 pieces using zip ties as shown in the images

Step 5: Keep Joining Pieces Until You Get a Pentagon

Keep joining pieces until you get a pentagon. Repeat

Step 6: Assemble One Pentagon in the Top of the Other

Assemble one pentagon in the top of the other

Step 7: Repeat the Last Step

repeat the last step. Now you have 3 layers of pentagons.

Step 8: Join the Flap Shaped Pieces at the Bottom of the 3 Layer Assembly

Join the flap shaped pieces at the bottom of the 3 layer assembly. Locate the flap shaped piece between the other pieces.

Step 9: Add These Pieces in Each Side of the Bottom Pentagon

Add these pieces in each side of the bottom pentagon. The handles faces out of the lamp.

Step 10: Mount Your Lamp Beneath a Source of Light

Mount your lamp beneath a source of light.

Turn on the light. Enjoy your lamp