Introduction: HIDE the Cable Box Behind a Wall Mounted TV

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If you have your TV wall mounted, or are thinking about it the biggest struggle is what to do with all the components. Other times people end up with their cable boxes on a table or stand by the TV with the mess of wires hanging down. Well there is a better way HIDEit! It's really a DIY with a little help :)

Before starting this instructable we recommend using a fully articulating wall mount for your TV. This allows more space for you to place the components behind the TV.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

drill with 3/16" drill bit (if you have one), Stud Finder, level, Phillips-head screwdriver, Pencil, Damp Paper Towel, and your HIDEit Hardware.

A lot of people relocated their power outlet behind the TV when they make the decision to mount, this is the ideal situation but we've seen a lot of people use cord covers to run the wiring down to the nearest outlet with very clean looking results.

Step 2: Determine Mount Location(s) With Your TV on the Wall

Make sure to leave space for all of your cords. Remove discs from all devices. Use a level and mark your holes. Remove your TV.

If you're mounting a cable box we recommend you test your cable box for remote function. You can easily do this by placing the cable box behind the TV and have a friend try changing the channel most people find this works without issue. Read more about it here.

Step 3: Check for Studs

When possible, mount one side into a stud. When stud mounting do not drill pilot hole. Don't worry if it's not possible. HIDEit mounts come with drywall anchors are rated for 25 pounds each; more than enough for even the heaviest of boxes.

For Holes into a Stud: use a mounting screw to create holes - a 3/16" drill bit is too large.

For Holes into Drywall: drill holes using a 3/16" drill bit. Hold a damp paper towel against the wall a few inches below the drill bit to catch any debris (if it's too close, it could get caught in the drill bit). No drill? Just use the mounting screw to create a pilot hole. Insert the provided drywall anchors.

Step 4: Line Up Your Component Mount With the Anchors

Secure the mount with screws and hand tighten to prevent damage. Slide your component into your Mount.

Step 5: Insert Your Devices Connect & Tidy Cords. You're Done!

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