This drink will appeal to those who run out of margarita
mix or to those who end up throwing half a bottle of mix away because of the time between drinks! This recipe is for a single glass at a time. If a large quantity is needed,


Please Drink Responsibly!

This drink is meant to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home!

Do not drink and drive!

What you will need!

In order to make this drink you will need the following items:

Tall glass of ice (This is not meant to be a pretty drink!)

Cheap tequila (Expensive tequila should be enjoyed straight up)

12 oz. can of Diet Mountain Dew (Regular Mtn. Dew is too sweet)

Margarita Salt (Optional)

Step 1: Salt

Wet the rim of the tall glass by running it under water. This will allow the salt to stick to the rim of the glass.

Insert the glass into the salt.

Note: This step is optional as the salty taste does not appeal to everyone!

Step 2: Add Ice

Fill your glass completely to the top with ice.

Note: A drink that starts out a little strong will get more tolerable as the ice melts!

Step 3: Add the Tequila

The proper amount of tequila to add is a matter of taste.

I would suggest starting out with about 4oz. or 1/3 of the glass.

Step 4: Add the Diet Mountain Dew

Fill the rest of the glass with Diet Mtn. Dew

Step 5: Stir With a Butter Knife!

A couple of stirs just to mix the tequila and the Diet Mtn. Dew is plenty.

Warning: DO NOT SHAKE, The Diet Mtn. Dew is carbonated. Result could be messy!

Step 6: Enjoy!!