Introduction: HLTC Sandwich

This HLTC Sandwich is really good because of its tasteful twist of toasted butter in a pan. This is a classic, yet unforgettable sandwich.

Step 1: Ingredients & Supplies

The ingredients you will need are:

- 2 slices bread (I am using whole wheat)

- Ham (As much as you'd like)

- 1 slice of American Cheese

- 1 tbsp of butter - 1 tomato

- Fresh ripped lettuce

- Condiments (I an using mayo)


- 1 cutting board

- 1 butter knife

-1 kitchen knife

- A pan

- A plate

Step 2: Working Space

Gather all of your supplies and ingredients into a working space in your kitchen (Preferably next to the stove) Make sure your pan is already set in the stove counter for the next step.

Step 3: Heat Up

Next, turn on your stove into Medium-Low. Let the pan heat up for 3-5 minutes.

Step 4: Butter

Using your kitchen knife, cut out a small piece of butter to put in your pan.

Step 5: Butter Up

Then, using the piece of butter you just cut with your kitchen knife, add your ingredient into your hot pan and let it melt. As soon as it melts, spread it all around your pan just like the second picture.

Step 6: Mayo

In this step, get one piece of bread and using your butter knife, spread as much mayo as you'd like onto one side of your bread. Save this bread for later.

Step 7: The Other Bread

Get your second piece of bread and lay one side of it onto the butter'ed pan.

Step 8: Cheese

Next, get your single slice of American Cheese (or as much as you'd like) and lay it over on top of the slice of bread you just put onto the butter'ed pan. It should look like the picture.

Step 9: Toasting

Do you remember the bread with mayo that you saved up for later? Well this is the moment to take it out and lay it down onto the pan next to your American-Cheese-Bread. Make sure the mayo side is looking up.

Let these pieces of bread toast.

Step 10: Ham

As your breads are toasting, this is the perfect time to get your ham and lay it over your American-Cheese-Bread. You can put as much ham as you want; but your breads should start looking like this.

Leave both of these breads toast as you do the next step. Keep a close eye out on your pan in case if you see the breads toast too much.

Step 11: Slicing

For this part, you must get your cutting board, kitchen knife, and tomato. Prepare everything on top of a clear counter.

Step 12: Chopping and Placing

Cut your tomato into slices just like the picture above; and start taking out your pieces of bread onto your cutting board. They should be slightly or fully toasted.

Step 13: Getting Messy

Now, on the bread the has the most ingredients, place your desired amount of tomatoes onto it. Make sure they are centered so they don't fall out your sandwich.

Step 14: The Lettuce

For this step, you must now finally get your lettuce to place it on top of the tomatoes. As I have said before, use your desired amount of lettuce for this part.

Step 15: Putting Everything Together

Finally, for the part we have all been waiting for, get your Mayo-bread and place it on top of the lettuce. Make sure the toasted side is looking up.



This is what your sandwich should look like!

CONGRATS, you have accomplished making an HLTC sandwich :)

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