Introduction: #HMS2018 Fruit Parfait

Here are the instructions on how to make a fruit parfait.
•Greek yougurt
•Coconut shavings (unsweetened)
•Dried Goji berries
•Chia seeds
•Bee pollen

Step 1: Add in 5 Scoops of Yogurt in the Cup/bowl

Step 2: Add in a Handful of Blueberries, Two Sliced Strawberries, and a Handful of Rasberries

Step 3: Add in a Handful of Unsweetened Coconut Shavings

Step 4: Add in About Ten Dried Goji Berries

Step 5: Add in a Handful of Chia Seeds

Step 6: Drizzle Two Teaspoons of Honey on Top

Step 7: Sprinkle a Teaspoon of Bee Pollen Over the Honey

Step 8: Enjoy!