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Hi guys,
In this Instructable, lets see how to make a "PERISCOPE".
Periscope is a device which was used in submarines to monitor the activities above water ,without surfacing.

Now let us see how to make one, in home.

Periscope works on the principle of multiple reflection.

its simple as,two mirrors placed one above another in a 45 degree angle separated by a small distance.

Refer the diagram 2 to understand better.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Required:-

  1. Card board of size (30 x 30).
  2. Plain Mirrors 2Nos
  3. Scissors.
  4. Tape
  5. Fevicol

Step 2: Measure and Cut the Cardboard:

Measure the according to the size two mirrors you have.
(Make sure that both the mirrors are of same size).

In my case I had mirrors of size (4 x 6)cm

so I made 4 segments of size 4 cm breath and 30 cm height.

Observe the shaded portion in diagram 3.

The top portion of segment one , and bottom portion of segment 3 are shaded.

cut out those two segments. (thy serve as openings to the mirrors).

Keep those cut out pieces safe, we need them in the next steps.

Step 3: Fold It to Make a Complete Structure:

Fold the cardboard on the lines marked.

Make a complete structure and paste the edges using fevicol and use tape for further support.

Step 4: Mirror Fixing:

Remember the two pieces we cut out initially, use that to make a L shaped stand to place the mirror.

Paste that to the back side of the mirror, exactly in the center of the mirror.

Now place the mirrors in 45 degree angle inside the cardboard structure.

First fix one mirror and paste it firmly.

Now fix the second mirror inside the box, and adjust it slightly so that you can see the other side clearly, without any deviation.

Step 5: Your Periscope Is Ready:-

Fix all the sides and the mirrors firmly.

Paste it with fevicol and cellotape.

Let it dry and venture out, with your periscope.

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