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I am repairing a low spot in the driveway caused by a defective concrete pipe below. pavers have to be taken out, pipe needs to be exposed and repaired, pavers need to be put back in place. Thank you for watching!

Todays project is fixing this low spot on this paved diveway. the low spot is right above this concrete pipe that runs underneath the driveway. On the end of the pipe i can find dirt and sand that was washed out by rainwater. My guess is that the sand comes from underneath the pavers at the lowered spot. Which would mean that the pipe is not in good condition. There must be a hole or leak in the pipe where sand can slip through. The first thing that i will be doing is taking out the pavers at this spot here. I am using these old screwdrivers to get out the first paver. Now i can take out all droped pavers. A shovel or pitchfork can be used to loosen them. I am taking out a few more pavers then just the ones at the low spot because i need enough space to dig down and see whats wrong with the pipe. Im taking out that dirty joint sand with a shovel. In this case a geotextile fleece has been used for a higher stability and against weeds and ants. Im using a carpet knife to cut out this section of the fabric. As you can see the fleece was sort of holding up the pavers, without that they would have been even lower. Now im gonna dig down and see if i can find the problem. Im using the spade to loosen up the gravel and sand and then i take it out with the shovel. After about 35 cm of diggin i got to the concrete pipe. And it looks like the pipe pieces have not been put together correctly. There is a gap of 3 cm which lets sand slip though in conjunction with rain water. I wrapped a thick piece of cloth around the pipe right where the gap is and secured it with some wires. I am going to put concrete around the cloth to stabilize that connection while the cloth keeps the concrete from falling into the gap. At the same time i will close the rest of the hole here with new sand that i got. The concrete will be formed to a ring around the pipe bedded into sand. For this repair i used about 50kg of concrete and now i will close the hole with sand. Its important to compact the sand and the concrete so that the pavers dont sink in later. Now i am straightening the sand with a spirit level. i align it according to the bottom level of the surrounding pavers and i pull off the excess sand. I put the fleece back on the sand and start laying the pavers. Make sure to compact the sand before pulling it of with the level. In the corners a trowel can be used to get out all the excess sand. Now i reuse the old pavers to close the driveway. I use a spade to align the joints for a even pattern look and check with an aluminum straight edge. I use sand as jointing material which can be swept at very dry condition or in conjunction with water to get the joints completely filled out. Then a compactor of about 80kg can be used to flaten the pavers. And thats it, this repair took me about 3 hours and hope this video helps you out. If so please dont forget to thumb it up. Check out my channel for videos on ponds brooks plants and other garden stuff. I appreciate every comment and every subscriber. thank you so much for watching, this is carl the landscape guy, see you next time.

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