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Hello guys, Today I'm gonna share a simple hack which will give you access to unlimited storage on Google Photos. Now usually google provides 15 GB of cloud storage space with google drive. But for google's Pixel devices they provide unlimited storage to upload photos and videos. In this instructable I'll explain a method to achieve it on any android device. After this hack the photos will be uploaded in original quality and 4K videos.

This will also unlock Google lens features in photos apps !

NOTE:- you'll need a rooted android phone for this hack.

Step 1: Things Needed:-

1. Any Android smartphone. (Rooted)

2. Root file explorer. (I've used MiXplorer)

3. Nexus.XML file. ( nexus.xml)

That's all needed for the hack. Now lets proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Setting Up Files:-

First of all download and install the MiXplorer.

Now download the nexus.xml file.

Open the MiXplorer , Goto Downloads and copy nexus file you just downloaded.

Now swipe from left corner to open the menu. Click on the drop-down arrow on top right corner. Select the Root option.

Goto >> System >> etc >> sysconfig.

Now paste the nexus file there.

Now goto apps and long press on Google photo app and open app info.

Select storage and clear all app data.

Now reboot your phone.

After this when you open google photos you will see a prompt saying "You are able to use unlimited storage on your google pixel device".

Step 3: Alternate Method :-

If the above method does not work for you, You can try this method.

NOTE :- This is more complex method, make sure you follow the exact steps.

For this method you'll need BuildPropapp.

Download the app from the link I've provided or from playstore.

Open the app , At top right corner you'll find a pencil icon. click on it, You'll see a list of codes.

Now you can either manually find the following values or use the find option in the menu from top right corner.

Change The Following Values:-

<strong>ro.product.model=Pixel 2 XL </strong>

After changing the values. Click on save icon and close the app.

Again wipe the user data of Google photos and reboot your phone.

That's all...

Hope it's useful and easy to understand,

If you have any questions feel free to comment , I'll try my best to answer as soon as possible.