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Candles are important part of our everyday experience in our homes and in setting ambiences for various occasions like dinners and garden parties. They are available in shops and can also be made at home with different kind of materials. Homemade candles are good for creating customized scents, ensuring creativity and uniqueness.

I will be taking you through a step by step guide on how to make candles from olive oil and oranges. The process is cheaper and requires less skills while maintaining a minimal risk exposure.

Step 1: What You Will Need:

1- Olive oil

2- A wine glass

3- A knife

4- An orange

5- A lighter

6- A grater

7- Clove seeds (optional)

8- A dish

Step 2: Cut the Orange Into Two Halves.

WARNING: Be careful when handling sharp kitchen tools, where appropriate kitchen gloves to endure your safety.

Step 3: Carefully Remove the Fleshy Part of the Orange Form One Half of the Orange.

Make sure not to hurt the stem of the fruit. (It will act as the wick).

Step 4: Grate the Peel of the Other Half of the Orange Into a Dish

As you grate see to it that the juicy fleshy part of the orange is not grated as well.

Step 5: Fill the Wine Glass Quarter Way With Clove Seeds.

Step 6: Add Into the Glass the Grated Orange Peel Until It Is Almost Three Quarter Full and Then Fill It Up With More Clove Seeds.

Step 7: Decorate

Decorate the orange peel vessel with clove seeds; pour olive oil into the vessel until it is half way full. Make sure to poor oil into the stem of the fruit as well (the candle wick).

Step 8: Place the Orange Vessel on the Wine Glass and Light the Stem of the Fruit

Step 9: Here You Are! the Candle Is Just Amazing and Made to Suit Your Style.