Have you ever been bored of your plain controller that your system provider has given you. Like a Xbox 360 controller or Play Station controller. Don't worry, I have the solution for you. These simple steps will help you turn your boring controller into something that your friends will envy you for. People think that just because these controllers are boring, they can't get better, but now they will be the sexiest controllers on the block.

***NOTE*** The color of the controller does not matter.

Step 1: Materials List

-T8 torx driver (MUST BE TAMPER PROOF)
-A controller (any kind)
-masking tape (painters tape preferably 1/4 inch is best if you can't get that then rip it in half the long way)
-spray paint of any color (cost range is $4.99-$10.99 per can)
-(optional) matte or gloss finishes about the same price as spray paint
-Scotch-Brite/Scuff Pad
-touch of artistic abilities
Estimated cost is about $10.00-$20.00 depending on what kind of spray-paint you get

Step 2: Disassembly

The first part of the custom controller is to disassemble it so we can paint the buttons and the d-pad. If you choose to paint your joysticks, (I recommend not to because it may effect the way the controller handles and it may chip) then you need to tape the circuit board off so it does not get any paint on it. If you're painting each button of the controller, take a piece of tape and wrap it around the bottom half of the buttons. This will allow the button to move freely and you won't be able to tell that there is no paint there. Paint each individual button just as the controller is painted in step 5. 

Step 3: Taping Out Your Pattern

The most important thing to do in this process is to make sure that the tape is stuck on very good or the paint will leak through your edges and make it look bad. Take your tape and cut it in two. The pattern doesn't have to be any certain way, just make sure that it doesn't interfere with anything on your controller. My recommendation is to go around the pattern you have taped out with something like your finger and push the edges so they stick good. In order for the pattern to look balanced, make sure you do some sort of balance with how much tape goes on each side. By no means should it be symmetrical. Also, tape off the area where your headset and play-n-charge cable goes (depends on controller). When you're finished, it should like something like this, but with your own pattern:

Step 4: Scuffing

Once you're done with taping out your pattern, you have to scuff the black/white color of your controller in order for the paint to stick. Take your scuff pad and lightly put pressure on all of the non-taped areas of the controller. Rub it back and forth until there is a noticeable scratch in the plastic. Once you're done with that, you should be able to see no shiny areas. If there is, go back and scuff those areas again.

Step 5: Painting

Once everything is scuffed, blow off any remaining dust of dirt that is left after scuffing. This will prevent getting bumps in the paint. Take your controller outside somewhere so you can spray your paint without ruining anything. With the color of your choice, take the spray paint and hold it approximately 12-15 inches away from the controller. Press down on the top of the can of spray paint while lightly coating the controller. There can be several coats so don't feel like you have to do it in one try. If you hold the spray can too close, the paint will bunch up and run in several areas. If you have bought paint that is not glossy and you would like it to be, wait until the base coat dries to put the gloss finish on. Once the controller is completely covered in paint, it should look similar to this: 

Step 6: Unmasking and Drying Time

Once you have finished painting the controller, let the paint dry for about 2 and half hours. I let mine sit over night just to be safe. Since the whole controller is going to be wet with paint, you need to find somewhere to set it so it can dry evenly. I set mine on a paper towel and let it dry, and once it was dry some of the paper towel stuck to the controller. It doesn't affect the controller's overall look though. Now that your controller is completely dry, take all of the tape off. Find an edge at which the tape ends and remove all of it. Once that's done you have your finished product. You can now put your controller back together and it should look like this: