Introduction: HTC Vive Controller Knuckle Strap

While playing various VR games (Echo arena in particular on revive) the thought of the controller slipping out of your hands was always in the back of my mind.

One day i will be able to afford vive knuckles but till then, a similar strap style to better secure the controller to the hand.


HTC Vive controllers (obviously)

electrical tape

6 - Zip ties (long enough to wrap around the ring)

1 - Ball point pen (cheap round one would be preferable)

2 - Velcro straps with hooks on one end with loops on the same side (size and length variable) my size 30mm wide x 250mm long

a metal file or something to cut the pen.

Step 1: Putting It All Together

1. cut the pen your using a little bigger than the strap you use 1-2mm should be fine. so if you are using a 20mm strap, cut the pen tube 22mm long.

Step 2: Attach to the Controller

2. using the Zip ties (ensure the ties will fit into the empty pen tube) tie the tube to the desired side of the Vive controller. DO NOT TIGHTEN TOO MUCH YET!

3.With the tube attached, push to one side as far as you can and add a second Zip tie to hold its position.

Step 3: Adding the Strap

4. At the base of the controller (before adding strap) tape a few loops to the controller tightly, this is to provide a better surface for the tape to adhere to.

5. Tape one face of the strap to the controller base, the strap will be folded over the knuckles so take note of the side you are taping.

5.1. Relative to the controller you are taping (LEFT OR RIGHT) secure the strap a little off center.

5.2. (optional) i added a zip tie around the taped strap to secure it a little more.

Step 4: Ready to Go

6. feed the Velcro strap through the zip tie with the pen tube.

6.1. slightly tighten the zip tie that is securing the pen tube, be careful not to over do it. if the zip tie is to tight you may not be able to loosen the strap.

7. using the Velcro strap grasp the controller as you would naturally and tighten the strap. you may need to adjust the taped base position to get a comfortable fit.


There maybe some pinching on the index finger knuckle if too tight.

The method is pretty simple and should be able to use different materials or whatever laying around the home.

I hope this helps other vive owners, happy gaming.