Introduction: Habit Tracker

I was looking for extra time through out the day from a very long time. Not getting to know where my time went all day is frustrating. After trying many options from phone calendar to sticky notes and what not. Finally got to make my own habit tracker. This tracker best goes with my previous project the "field notes book"

Best is that the notebook has exactly 32 pages. After setting all the calendar pages for the month (31), I get one more page for my monthly habit tracker at a glance.

Step 1: Working on the Design

So I opened my excel and started making the monthly habit tracker. It has spaces for tracking 7 habits that need to be challenged on a daily basis. I have made small boxes for color coding if need be. There is an open space to write down the month and year. So this brings our monthly habit tracker. Every day we need to shade the habit that we have done.

Examples can be writing, blogging, walking up stairs, create a new thing, yoga/meditate, etc.

Other pages:

Rest of the pages are the daily tracker. These pages are marked from morning 6 to evening 11 o'clock. They have 15 minute blocks to more fine-tune the tasks. There are spaces for writing down notes. There is also a big note for the day. Space for quote gives you some time to find and write a motivation for the day.

Each day you start a new page.

End of the month you can see where your wasted time went.

Step 2: PDF

There is the PDF attached in the last step for your use. Print it as it is or make a small booklet to keep on you always. Mine is small to be like a every day carry.

Step 3: Print

Printing is easy. Just print the pdf with the size setting how you like it printed. I personally prefer 9 pages per sheet.

Step 4: Use It

I printed the pages and cut them down and glued on the note book I made. Comes very handy.

Use the PDF here to make your own habit tracker.

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