Introduction: Hack Your Prius Rear Emblem (with Pictures) Version 1

This is a custom hack to tie in a LED emblem for Toyota Gen 3 Prius 2009-2015

While doing a complete radio replacement + backup cameras, we might as well bling out and LED backlit the rear logo too. Didn't take any photos when we pin-out the front connectors for wiring, sorry


Tools & supplies you'll need:

1- LED strips from amazon (I picked red),

2 - plastic pry tools, Needle nose pryers,

3- socket set,

4- .25" PLEX sheet,

5- Scroll saw,

6- white panel clips,

7- double side tape.

8- 12 gauge wiring,

9- soldering tools, heat shrink

10- 120-3000 grid sand paper,

11- zip ties.

Step 1: Remove Rear Panel

Take a pry bar, look for a notch on driver side rear black panel. Slowly pry around perimeter till the 2 piece panels come loose. Set it aside.

Step 2: Remove Trunk Trim

Once panel is remove, look for 6 screws and remove with 10mm socket. Use needle nose pryers if you don't have a deep socket. From outside, carefully pry out trim.

Step 3: Tap Into Power Supply

Decide if you want constantly lit (tap into license plate light), backup lights, or break lights. Whatever you decide, remove battery terminal first.

We tap into break lights in the trunk. Disconnect break light connector, strip wires and test for 12v. Tap into new supply line, solder & heat shrink, run wires thru whatever creative means to rear emblem. I made sure to fish thru the rubber seals between trunk & roof lines. Test with meter & zip tie them to existing wire bundles.

Step 4: Cut Out LED Mount

I got a large .25" thick PLEXI sheet dirt cheap for $5 in building supply salvage. Make sure sheet thickness matches LED strip height. Trace thru logo, cutout, trace again for LED. Use scroll saw for grooves, make sure they're large enough for double stacking LED strips. Work 'em into and test again. Smooth & sand off edges till it's dull glaze, having a nice defused effect.

Step 5: Align Holes & Remount

I match existing holes and drill in small machine screws + nuts. Car logo was able to cover it. If all works, solder/heat shrink. Put some double side tape between logo & plexiglass. Reverse process to install everything back.