Introduction: #HackHalloween Creepy RC Hand!

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Remember Thing from the Addams Family movies? Ya, it was our favorite character too. Take Thing on a new wireless adventure with the Creepy RC Car! This remote-controlled bot will let Thing roam free to frighten the bad guys or pull phantom pranks. Or just totally terrify your mom with a moving fake hand. We unleashed this project on the littleBits community and world at large to inspire you for the Hack Your Halloween contest! Remix this project or make your own, invent a scary movie about it, then submit to win over $3000 in prizes and a GoPro camera!

(^**> Click here for all the spooky details <**^)

Concept and short film created by arjun_littlebits. A remix of the BitBot, a curious, wireless rover :)

Step 1: The Wireless Transmitter (aka the Remote Control)

First build your WIRELESS TRANSMITTER CIRCUIT, then press onto mounting board. This will work as your REMOTE CONTROLLER, sending its signal to the BitBot.

Make sure to turn the slide dimmer 180° clockwise before placing it on the mounting board.

Step 2: Build the Receiver Circuit (aka the Car)

Build the second circuit. This will be the heart of your Creepy RC Car. After the circuit is made, press it onto a mounting board.

Step 3: Add the Wheels!

Turn off your circuits and attach wheels to the DC motors. Ensure that the flat edge on the shaft of motor aligns with the edge of the hole in the wheel.

Step 4: Add the Ball Caster

On the Bitbot circuit, STICK THE BALL CASTER TO THE MOUNTING BOARD with Glue Dots. This gives it stability in the front.

Step 5: ​Controlling Your Creepy RC Car

The middle position of the slide dimmers (~2.5V) will stop the wheels. Pushing both slide dimmers in the same direction will move it forwards and backwards. Take it for a spin!

Step 6: Accentuate the Creepy

Rest a fake hand on top of the circuit and take it for a spin in a spooky place!