Introduction: Hacking Your 2019 Maker Faire Seoul Badge

In Maker Faire Seoul 2019, skiiiD giveaway Arduino Nano and Neopixel! Instruction for how to use NeoPixel and Arduino with skiiiD.

Step 1: Materials

Badge x 1

CR2032 Coin Cell Battery X2

Coin Cell Battery Holder X1

Neopixel Strip X1

Arduino Nano X1

Mini Bread Board X1

Step 2: Put CR2032 Batteries Securely

Let's put CR2032 Coin Batteries to Battery holder.

Step 3: Put Battery Holder Cable to Bread Board

Prepare Arduino Nano and Bread Board.

Then, Put Battery holder's + cable to VIN

and - cable to GND

Step 4: Neopixel

Figure out right port of Neopixel

Step 5: Check Out Pin Recommendation From SkiiiD

Click 'New' Button.

Step 6:

Then select the board prepared. In our case, we use Arduino Nano(old bootloader).

Step 7:

Click + button on the right-hand side.

Step 8:

Search or select Neopixel SW2812.

Step 9:

When clicking the component can figure out which pin is recommended.

*you can configure it


DIN : 3

4-7VDC: 5V

Step 10:

According to Pin indication, put Neopixel wires on the breadboard

Step 11: Assemble

Stick all the materials.

Step 12: Coding

Let's back to skiiiD Editor.

Type below code or use auto-complete function for coding.


Step 13:

Click Upload button on the left upper side.

Step 14: Done!

Step 15: Contact and Feedback

Check out the video for details.

If you have any questions, please contact us freely.