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Introduction: Hair Bow Holder Frame

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When my daughter was born I knew she would need a place for her bows. So I saw a picture on the ole Pinterest and went to work.

Step 1: Frame and Prep.

Find an inexpensive, large, wooden frame with some nice detail. I found one at a thrift shop for about $10. Take out the picture and all of the fames insides. Lightly spray paint the frame if you want it a different color. I made mine a bronze/gold color to match the handles on my daughters dresser.

Step 2: Finish It Out.

This step was fairly easy although I neglected to take pictures. Place the frame facedown on a soft surface and stretch chickenwire across the back. Use wire cutters to fit to size and a staple gun to secure wire to the back of the frame. Reattach the hanging wire. Use a hammer, wire cutters and the staple gun to help flatten all the edges of the wires.

Step 3: Load It Up

Clip all the bows to the wires. Headbands are clipped on with clothespins.

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