Hair Brushing



Introduction: Hair Brushing

These are steps to brushing long hair.

Step 1: Have a Brush

Pick a brush that has bristles long enough to go through your hair. Have a hair tie o nhand if you deide to put your hair up after brushing.

Step 2: Be Sure to Take Out Previous Hair Style

Step 3: Separate Hair From Behind Into 2 Sections

Step 4: Hold Hair Baout Halfway Down and Brush the Lower Half, So Not to Pull Your Hair From the Top

Step 5: Continue Brushing Through Hair Until There Are No More Tangles

Step 6: Move Hand Up Close to Head and Hold Hair, Brush Through to the Ends Until No More Tangles

Step 7: Start at the Top/crown of Your Head and Brush Through Hair All the Way Down, Use Even Pressure

Step 8: Do This All the Way Around Your Head

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