Introduction: Hair Comb Out of 100 Year Old Purple Heart Wood

I made this hair comb out of 100+ year old Purple heart wood.
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Step 1: Preparing

Processing the wood to rough size

Step 2: Drawing the Design

The stencil is copied by using transferring paper (Indigo)

Step 3: Cutting the Teeth

Cutting teeth with jigsaw and tapering them with a file

Step 4: Carving

Carving with "V" chisel and Rotary tool

Step 5: Cutting to Size

Cutting to size with the coping saw and truing the edges with a belt sander

Step 6: Making Pins

Using brass for decoration pins and pinning them with a hammer

Step 7: Charring With a Candle

Charring to give carve more depth

Step 8: Finish

An epic hair comb that will last you until Ragnarök

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