Introduction: Hair and Skin Remedies

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We all have pretty hectic lifestyle. Stress, pollution, tanning, acne etc have become part and parcel of life.
Many people choose easy way to get rid of many of problems we face by opting chemical treatment which seems promising as results are time and money oriented but as a matter of fact in long run they ruin your beauty and deteriorate your health.
So today I've decided to write an instructable about some of the most effective and efficient remedies for your hair and skin related problems.
Try them and thank nature to save your natural health, beauty and money.

Step 1: Hair Care ( Dandruff, Scalp, Hairfall Etc)

Stuff you require :

Vinegar(Apple cider if possible)
Shampoo(choose according your hair type or simply choose any light shampoo)

*Both men and women can use these treatments

For Dandruff and scalp :

Dandruff and scalp is one of the main reason for damage caused to your hair like hairfall and split ends and frizz hairs.

Here are some remedies for treating your dandruff and scalp

Firstly take vinegar and boil it and let it cool for some time.
After it has cooled to room temperature, apply directly to your scalp.
Let it dry before going for shower.
Vinegar basically kills the microbes responsible for itchy scalp and nourishes roots.
Don't worry about vinegar smell as it get washed once you take shower.
Wash hair with any light shampoo and avoid conditioner after it.
Repeat this on alternate days till you get rid of scalp and dandruff.
You can also use onion juice as it also have same effect.

For Hairfall :

Once you got rid of dandruff, it's time to nourish your hairs and stop hairfall.

Hairfall can be due to many reasons like dandruff, stress, unhealthy food habits, menopause etc.

Here are some remedies for treating your hairfall

Apply curd before going to shower and leave for some time.
It relaxes and soothes roots of hair and nourishes roots and help stop hairfall.

Oiling- Because of looks we tend to use less or no oil and as a matter of fact it is most important thing to provide nourishment to hairs.
Take oil(coconut preferably) and warm it, then massage it thoroughly on head.
Massage also is known as stress buster as it calms your senses and regulates blood flow in head.
After hour or so, wash your hairs with shampoo.

Use oiling atleast twice a week for best results.

After shampoo, apply conditioner for best results.

Share your experiences via comments :)

Step 2: Skin Care (Acne, Tanning, Sunburn Etc)

Stuff you require :

Gram floor

First thing first, take some fresh tomatoes and make some fresh tomato juice.
Now refrigerate juice as you require it evryday.
Whenever you return home in evening after work or play, after washing your face, take a cube of refrigerated juice and gently wipe your face with it.
It will clean out impurities and refreshes your skin and controls melanin.

Now make your regular body scrub :

Take gram floor in a small bowl and add 1 tablespoon turmeric to it and add hung curd to make a thick mixture.
Apply this mix on body before shower and leave for atleast half an hour.

This mix is very helpful and efficient in treatment of sunburn and acne.
It also refreshes body naturally by providing adequate amount of nutrients required by dermis layer.

Recipe for facepack and face srub :

Though on regular basis you should use body pack on face but since face skin is sensitive so extra care is required.

Banana pack- To make banana scrub pack, mash bananas in a bowl and add little amount of honey to it.
Cool it in refrigerator for some time and then apply on face.
Wash gently and use soft towel to pat dry your face.

Papaya pack- To make papaya pack, mash papaya in a bowl and add curd to it, mix it up and finally add little amount of honey to mix.
Cool it for some time and apply .

These remedies works like a charm for almost all skin related problems like acne, tanning, dark circles, balck and white skin heads etc.

So try and share your views and experiences.

Have a G'day :)

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