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Introduction: Half Brainer Wind Turbine

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If I managed to build it and it works so you can make it too. This is no joke. I've built this one with only half brain.

I came back from my exhausting night shift at work and wanted to spend some time in something useful and guess what I could come up with. Yes. A working wind turbine.

I really come from night shift feeling that I am only thinking and seeing the world with only half a brain. Let's get started.


This is how I look after coming home from a night shift.

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Permanent Magnet Generator Motor

Step 1: Collect Stuff


Here are the components for this project , you can see that nearly all of them are recycled materials :

Motor Amazon DE , Amazon FR, Amazon UK , Amazon ES , Amazon IT , eBay , Banggood , FlipKart India , Lazada Malaysia , aliexpress

This was the only new component I bought for this project.

Old steel groom --- This is the main pole for the wind turbine

Tie rap Amazon DE , Amazon FR, Amazon UK , Amazon ES , Amazon IT , eBay , Banggood , FlipKart India , Lazada Indonesia , Lazada Malaysia , aliexpress

Old CD-Rom player metal cover --- This is the directing rudder. For wind turbine automatic direction through all wind situations.

PET bottle ---- To cover and protect the motor against dust and water.

Some Wires

1 mm Copper wire

1.5 Pet Bottles

Tools :

Pliers Amazon UK , Amazon DE , Amazon FR , Amazon ES , Amazon IT , Banggood , Aliexpress , eBay

Scissors Aliexpress , eBay

Gardening Scissors Amazon UK , Amazon DE , Amazon FR , Amazon ES , Amazon IT , Banggood , Aliexpress , eBay

Step 2: First Trial

Actually I intended to build a vertical axis wind turbine using two PET bottles.

First, I cut the two bottles to make fins.

Then I welded the two bottles from their top using heat.

And made holes for generator and for Copper wires.

Then installed the generator and fixed it using Copper wires.

Failure. Just another none rotating vertical axis wind turbine.

The bottles didn't make enough torque to rotate the generator.

Step 3: Second Trial - Success

Using half brain, I've decided to cut the bottles bottoms hoping to make some rotation.

Using trial and error, I've discovered what works and what doesn't.

And then I cut the bottles to shape each one if them into something that looks similar to wind turbines blades to generate enough torque for rotation.

Success. It works and generates electricity.

Also another thing I discovered about this wind turbine is that it is completely safe to you and to your kids.

The blades are very elastic and delicate. Even if it hits something while rotating there is no problem at all.

Thanks for reading my instructable.

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That's all. Thank you for reading.

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    5 years ago

    How many watts does it produce?


    5 years ago

    Very nice ! The photos tell how it's done. Excellent idea.