Introduction: Half Bucket

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I came up with this simple solution to keep my tools organized, and off the floor while on a scissor lift. I found it more convenient than a full size bucket, do to space limitations, and portability.

Step 1: Things That You Will Need.


Metal flat bar (anything that will can be made to a hook)
Plastic hanger strap



Step 2: Cutting

Split the bucket in half for reference. Make another line past the handle holder, That's where it's getting the cut. I used a combination of a knife, and a coping saw to cut the bucket.

Step 3: Assembly

Trace the bigger portion of your bucket on to the plywood. Cut it out, and screw it on to your bucket. I added  plastic hanger strap along the top of the rim for extra support. Bend the metal bar in to a desired hook and screw it on to the plywood.
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