Introduction: J-5290 Steering Wheel Puller From a Propane Tank

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Had to pull off steering wheel on a 1958 AMC Rumbler, which requires J-5290 steering wheel puller. Not easy to find, so I had to make one. Found that threads on a propane tank are exactly what I needed to get this started.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Here is all the parts you will need.

Propane Tank ( EMPTY!!! )

Large nut and bolt, I used half inch diameter.

And tools:

Hack saw

Step drill bit

Welding equipment


Step 2: Making Your J-5290 Puller

Make sure you are working with an empty propane tank, Cut off the neck of the tank, then bore out the inside of the neck. Careful not to damage the threads. Get your nut and bolt, weld the nut on to your threads. Clean and screw in your bolt.

Step 3: Application

Screw in your new puller in to the steering wheel with out the bolt. Get it nice and tight, then screw in the bolt. Tighten bolt till the steering wheel pops off. And your done.

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