Introduction: Hall Pass Digital Counter

Hello! This tutorial has been created as an assignment, but will be updated so it can work and look better. It is intentionally created to solve a problem in a classroom: hall pass lanyards are getting lost or not properly higienized, so this board will help take count on who leaves the classroom and when they come back, that way the teacher can be aware of it. It will show a count on a display in the classroom. Important: This can be adapted based on your needs.

Gather your materials needed!

Feel free to adapt anything based on your needs.

Aluminum sheet paper

Cardboard cutout


6B pencil

Transparent tape

Makey Makey kit - alligator clips, board and usb cable

Step 1: Step 1: Prepare Your Design Protoype

I created a design using paper and a pencil, just to specify where the parts will be placed. Click on the image for details.

Step 2: Step 2: Prepare Your Sign (or Cardboard)

Create your sign using in/out message and don't forget to include the earth! (Photobooth is optional)

Step 3: Step 3: Create Connections on the Board (using 6B Pencil)

After you've drawn the in/out messages, you can make the connections that will be used by the alligator clips either by drawing using a 6B pencil or placing aluminum foil.

Step 4: Step 4: Create Connections (using Aluminum Foil)

You can also use aluminum foil to connect the board to the alligator clips. Cut a strip of aluminum foil, and then reduce it to four rectangular bits. Place these pieces right beside the in/out, photobooth and earth icons in the board. Tape them using the transparent tape in the front and back.

Step 5: Step 5: Connect the Alligator Clips in the Makey Makey

As the design said, alligator clips need to be connected to the board: In (up), Out (down), Earth, Photo (space).

Open your Makey Makey kit and set up the board.

Connect alligator clips based on your design to the board and then to the cardboard sign as shown.

Step 6: Step 6: Connect Makey Makey to a Laptop or IPad.

Once everything is connected, go ahead and connect your creation via USB to your laptop or iPad.

Step 7: Step 7: Using Scratch Code "Digital Hall Pass Counter"

I used Scratch to create a code for this counter. You can find it here:

You can also create your own in Scratch.

Once you open the counter, try out the in/out option using the earth at the same time. It should sound when you use it, and show a "1" when you select "Out" and count back to "0" when you select "In".

If for some reason it doesn't work, check that you're using the earth at the same time you are using the other buttons.

Here is a video showing how it works:

Step 8: Step 8: Enjoy Your Counter!