Introduction: Halloween Bookshelf

Are you tired of having a boring, non-spooky bookshelf? Are you tired of never being able to show off your books during Halloween because your bookshelf just isn't fit for the holiday? Look no further. Introducing the Halloween Bookshelf. This is a fun and easy way to add a little extra spook to your house. With minimal tools required this is a great way to impress friends and family during the spooky season of Halloween.

Step 1: Materials


1 pallet (May need more than 1 pallet depending on how big your pallet is)

4 feet of PVC

Spray paint



Wood glue



Crowbar (you may need this to pry up some of the wood if it does not saw off easily)



Step 2: Measuring Wood

Measure out wood from the pallet to be 24 inch (2 feet) x 6.5 inch, and mark it with a marker. You’re going to need two of these pieces.

Step 3: Saw Wood

Saw the markings on the wood.

Warning: Be careful not injure yourselves nor break the wood. Use safety gloves and goggles if necessary.

Step 4: Measuring Smaller Wood Size

Measure out one smaller wood piece on the pallet that is 24 x 3inch.

You should have two 24 x 6.5 inch pieces, and one 24 x 3 inch piece of wood.

Step 5: Painting the Boards

Paint all three boards with a black spray paint (or any color you prefer), and set aside to dry for 15-20 minutes.

Warning: Do this outside, and lay down newspaper. Wear gloves to keep your hands paint free.

Step 6: Connecting Boards

After the boards have dried from the paint, take one of the 24 inch by 6.5 inch boards and the smaller 24 inch by 3 inch. Pick up the bigger wood piece, and place it vertically, and lay the smaller piece on top horizontally (as shown in the larger picture) at a 90 degree angle. Connect the two pieces with nails and a hammer, hammering the nails through the smaller piece into the side of the longer piece. Three nails should be enough. One on each end and one in the middle.

Step 7: Marking the PVC Pipes

Next, mark the PVC pipes at the lengths of 8 inches, 6 inches, and 4 inches. Cut at these markings on one pipe to get one section of 8 inches, one at 6 inches, and one at 4 inches. Repeat on the other marked pipe. There will be six different sections of pipe.

Warning: Wear safety goggles. Be cautious when handling the saw.

Step 8: Sanding the PVC

Use fine sand paper to sand the cut edges to smooth them out. Also, use the sand paper again on the serial numbers and branding markings to sand them off.

Step 9: Painting the PVC

Be creative with this step, do any paint designs you'd like.

Our design: Dip the tops of the pipes in red paint. Use a tissue to smear the paint downwards to appear as a dripping blood illusion. Cover your hand in red paint and grasp the PVC to make it look like bloody handprints. Set the PVC pipes aside to dry.

Step 10: Painting Halloween Designs

Take the last 24 x 6.5 inch board and paint Halloween related images on the board for enhanced effects. Set aside to dry.

Step 11: Gluing the PVC

While the last board is drying, connect the PVC pipes to the bottom of the shelf, which is the 24 x 6.5 inch that you connected in step 6 , using wood glue on the circular ends of the pipes so that the red paint end is standing up. Glue them in descending order of the heights of the pipes, on either side of the bottom board, starting with the 8 inch pipe in the back. Wait for the glue to dry.

Step 12: Connecting Last Board

Use wood glue along the top of the smaller 24 inch x 3 inch board. Take the board that you painted in step 10 and press it down firmly on to the wood glue with your painted designs facing inwards.

Step 13: Finish Decorations

After everything is connected and has dried and set, finish up any extra decorations that you would like to make your Halloween shelf your own. We added cobwebs to ours.

Step 14: Spooktacular

You have finished the spooky Halloween build. Your home is now 1 bookshelf spookier.

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