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Hi there!
 I wanted to share a quick project I did last week, it is a Skull Door Knocker for Halloween! I saw a few versions of this on Pinterest and wanted to try out one myself. The skull and ring in its mouth is a Dollar Store Plastic piece that, by itself, is not so great (to put it nicely :) but with a few tools and embellishments, it can end up looking very cool!!

Step 1: Ingredients:

* A Skull Knocker from the Dollar Store ( it already comes with a plastic ring in its mouth, so that is taken care of.

* A wooden plaque any size you want...mine was about 13 inches and wide enough to have 1/2 inch on each side of the skull after it was glued down.

* E6000 glue (not pictured-sorry)

* Great Stuff Foam - available in any hardware store

* Embellishments of your choice - I used some metal scrap-booking corner pieces, etc.

* Silver and Black Spray paint

Step 2: Spray Paint Your Skull and Plaque:

I chose to paint my wood plaque black so as to make the skull stand out more, and the skull was already grey, but the silver paint really made it look better....

Step 3: Fill Up Your Skull With Great Stuff Foam:

While my paint dried, I used the Great Foam to fill in the back of my hollow skull - I needed it to be solid in back so I had something to add the glue to put it on the plaque - the thin plastic sides of the skull just didn't give enough room to securely attach it.....

FYI: A little goes along way...see pic above:

Step 4: Cut the Foam to Make It Even With the Sides of the Skull:

I did end up spraying more foam then I needed and the foam puffed almost three inches past the sides of the skull. It did fill up the skull like I needed, though. So, I was pleased to find that the foam is very easily cut with a large kitchen you can make your cut pretty even....

Step 5: Tidy It Up:

At this point, your skull is ready to be glued to the plaque and you can glue any embellishments you've chosen onto the plaque as well....the E600 glue is very reliable and has always been my favorite to work with when I need to have something stay put!!

Hang it up on the front door and Be Proud!!!!

See you next time,

Wicked jypsi

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