Introduction: Halloween Hot Chocolate Spoons

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Are you planning for a halloween party? Make these spooky chocolate spoons to go along with your hot cocoa station or as party favors and I am sure these will be great hit at the party.Lets see how to make them.

Step 1: Materials Required

  • Candy melts in colors of your choice
  • Any type of spoons of your choice (Preferably heavy duty if it is plastic)
  • Disposable piping bags or ziploc bags
  • Microwavable cups
  • Icing decorating tip 1

Step 2:

Take the required amount of candy melts in a microwavable cup and melt the chocolate.I took around 7 to 8 candy melts in each color to make 6 spoons and used 15 seconds intervals to melt the chocolate. The chocolate melted in 45 seconds for me which may differ for you based the microwave you use. You can learn more about melting chocolate and other methods , here.

Step 3:

I used the plastic spoon to scoop some chocolate to layer the chocolate on to the spoons to make candy corn and pumpkins. You can use plastic bag method(ziplock or piping bag) too.This is my first time trying to make chocolate spoons so I was experimenting with various method and techniques .You can chose whichever method is convenient for you.If you are planning to do a large batch then I would suggest scoop the chocolate in a ziploc bag or a piping bag , cut the tip and fill the spoons in desired pattern. As I was making , I learnt that tapping the spoons a bit helps to get rid of the unevenness formed while scooping and filling the chocolate.And for the little pumpkin stem in green , I used toothpick to create the stem.

Step 4:

Once you are done with base , to add halloween faces ,fill up a bag of melted chocolate in black color or normal chocolate like I did with icing tip no.1. Draw halloween faces or write spooky words that suits the occasion.Use zig zag motion to create the halloween smile. I used the remaining chocolate and made a chocolate spoon with ghost design. But the ghost turned out to be cute ghost instead of a scary ghost. ;) What do you think ? Am I the only one who feels like that ? On the whole, these spoons turned out awesome even though the chocolate finishes are not perfect .I like them because the unevenness suits well for the halloween theme.

Step 5:

This is such a simple project to make and enjoy the season with hot chocolate spoons if you are not planning for any party. I am sure I will be drinking a lot of hot chocolate and use chocolate spoons to add extra flavor to my drink. I think these will be a perfect party favor for any kids halloween party with accompanying hot cocoa station. You can also just dip the spoons in the melted chocolate to create same designs if you want small amount of chocolate in the spoons instead of scoops as shown.As I made only six spoons I melted very small amount of chocolate in which I could not dip the spoons in. If you are concerned about using plastic spoons , you can switch to wooden or metal spoons.

Hope you enjoyed this simple DIY for halloween.If so, don't forget to vote for me in "Halloween Food contest".Let me know what you think about these spoons in the comments below. As always I will be happy to hear from you.For more DIYs like this, visit

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