Introduction: Halloween Pancake Art

These pancakes are perfect for Halloween morning. The use of squeeze bottles makes pancake art easy and accessible to all.

Just follow this previous instructable for the pancake batter recipe,

Step 1:

Separate the pancake mixture into two separate bowls, with 1/4 of the mixture in one bowl and the rest in another

Collect the food colouring.

I choose to use black and orange, you can alter this to any colour

Step 2:

Dye the smaller half of the mixture black

Pour it into a squeeze bottle, as shown above

Step 3:

Take the larger half of the mixture and dye it orange, by mixing red and yellow dye.

I alternated between adding the red and yellow food dye until I got the colour I wanted

Step 4:

Because I only had one squeeze bottle I put the orange pancake batter into a measuring jug and the black into a squeeze bottle.

If you have two squeeze bottles, I would recommend using them both for the different colours, as it makes it easier to get the right shape of the design

Step 5:

Butter the pan and put it onto medium heat
Use the squeeze bottle to draw the design you want in black
Let this cook until you see bubbles in the batter

Step 6:

Once you can see bubbles, pour the orange batter over top of the design, making sure to fully cover it
When you begin to see bubbles in the mixture flip the pancake

Step 7:

Continue creating different Halloween themed designs, drawing it first using the black squeeze bottle and then covering it with orange.

Once they are all finished, serve and enjoy!

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