Introduction: Halloween Pumpkin Chocolate Cupcake Toppers

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Chocolate Halloween Cupcake Toppers

Hello, in this instructable, I will show you how to make Chocolate Halloween Cupcake or cake Toppers. We will be making Jack o' Lantern ones, a Batman Symbol, and an apple symbol. These chocolate cupcake or cake toppers are easy to make, sure to impress your friends and family, let's get to it! Follow the steps below or watch the video tutorial, or do both.



You will need -

-parchment paper or silicone artisan mat

-candy bags or sandwich bags


-Candy Melts (whatever color you like, you can find them online, or at Walmart, Michaels)



-Stencils (print them off the computer)

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Step 1: Tape Down Stencil and Parchment Paper

First let's tape down our stencil to the flat plastic lid. You can use a lid, a cookie, sheet, whatever you like. For the stencil, I just found cool shapes online, and then inserted them into a word document and printed them out. Next, tape a piece of parchment paper over the top. Or you can use an Artisan mat. Notice that you can see the shapes through both.

Step 2: Prepare First Chocolate Bag

Next we want to decide what color to start with. I am going to do the milk chocolate part first or all the dark parts of my stencil. With these candy melts, I can put them right into the candy bag, and then put that whole thing in the microwave, and melt the chocolate. Microwave on high for 30 seconds then squeeze the bag a big, massaging the candy melts, then another 20 seconds or so and the chocolate should be ready. Next cut off the tip of the candy bag. Make sure to cut pretty close to the tip, so the hole will be small.

Step 3: Start Filling in the Stencil

Now we just start filling in the stencil with chocolate. Kind of like coloring with a crayon. Make sure to stay within the lines! :) When you are done, use a toothpick to smooth out the top of the chocolate a little bit.

Step 4: Continue With Other Shapes

Now just continue with the other shapes. On the Batman symbol, I made the tail extra long, because this is the part I want to stick into the cupcake.

Step 5: Place in Fridge

Now we refrigerate the first round of chocolate, for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 6: Use the Next Color

Next we take our next color and repeat the process. Make sure to make little tails on the pumpkins, so they will stick into the cupcake. If you aren't using these to go on top of cakes or cup cakes, leave off the tail and just make these little chocolate treats.

Step 7: Bag Method

If you don't want to buy candy bags, use a sandwich bag. Melt your chocolate in a dish, and scoop it out with a spoon and put it in your bag. Then snip off the corner, and there you go, a candy bag!

Step 8: Finish Off the Chocolate

Next we finish off our stencil with our last color. Then we place them back in the fridge for 20 minutes to completely set up.

Step 9: Lift Up Toppers

Now we take out the tray from the fridge and lift up our toppers. If they are stuck a little bit, just use a dough scraper or flat spatula to lightly loosen them from the parchment paper or artisan mat. They should come right up.

Step 10: Place Them on Your Cupcakes or Cake

Now we just put them on our cupcakes or cake. Pretty cool huh? :)

Step 11: Large One

Now you can also make larger ones like this image. This can be the very top layer of a cake, or it can be a little chocolate plate that you put other treats on. There are many possibilities of what you can do!

Step 12: Video Tutorial

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