Introduction: Halloween Pumpkin Crochet Pattern

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Crochet hook size 3 (use C or D hook)

Crochet yarn / wool: 120m / 50g in orange and green


wobbly eyes




Use orange yarn

1. Start with a magic ring with 6 SC

2. Increase every sc (12 SC)

3. Increase every 2nd (18 SC)

4. Increase every 3rd (24 SC)

5. Increase every 4th (30 SC)

6. Increase every 5th (36 SC)

7. Increase every 6st (42 SC)

8. Increase every 7th (48 SC)

9. Increase 8th (54 SC)

10. Increase every 9th (60 SC)

11. -17. 1 SC per SC (60 SC)

18. Decrease every 9th (54 SC)

19. Decrease every 8th (48 SC)

20. Decrease every 7th (42 SC)

21. Decrease every 6st (36 SC)

22. Decrease every 5th (30 SC)

23. Decrease every 4th (24 SC)

24. Decrease every 3rd (18 SC)

Stuff with fiberfill.

25. Decrease every 2nd (12 SC)

26. No crochet like this: *sc 1, decrease 1* Repeat till the hole is closed, finalize with slip stitch and cut leaving a long thread. (50 cm)

Take the needle, put the thread on it and go with it on the outside of the pumpkin to the upper middle. Sew thru the whole pumpkin to the lower middle and pull to form the shape. Repeat until you have 8 threads on the outside. Sew up and cut the thread close to the body.


Use green yarn

1. Start with a magic ring with 6 SC

2. Increase every sc (12 SC)

3. 1 SC per SC (12 SC)

4. 1 SC per SC (12 SC)

5. decrease every 3rd (8 SC)

6. 1 SC per SC (8 SC)

Start stuffing with fiberfill.

7. decrease every 3rd (6 SC)

8. 1 SC per SC (6 SC)

9. 1 SC per SC (6 SC)

Stuff and sew to the body.

Glue wobbly eyes to the body. Happy Halloween! J