Introduction: Halloween Snacks

We began with this project in my design for change class. We followed a process that is based on, discovery, ideation, experimentation, prototyping, and testing. This includes, brain storming looking for drivers and constraints, asking for feedback, etc. The idea that we came up with after a lot of thinking and wondering around was to make a halloween snack that was easy to make but creative.


- Sugar Cookies

- Brownies

- Vanilla Icing

- Candy eyeballs

- 3 plates

- 3 spoons

- Colorant

- Pastry bag

Step 1: Discovery

This idea began when we came up with good questions to ask around to teachers to see what they thought about certain halloween ideas. These are some of the questions that we asked...

1. What are some of the things you look for in a halloween snack?

2. What would you best consider, decoration, or quality of the food?

3. Would you prefer to have a party with very little casual decoration, or very outgoing decoration?

4. What has been one of your favorite costumes, food, prop, etc that you have used during these past years in halloween?

After making the interviews we used all of the ideas to make sketches of ideas that popped out in our minds. We also watched some printrest and youtube videos to get more inspiration. We combined a lot of ideas and picked our top 5 sketches. We took those 5 sketches to the teachers we interviewed and they gave us feedback. With the feedback we made 2 more complete drawings and picked out what we were going to do.

Step 2: Ideation

Sugar Cookies:

1. 1 bag of flower

2. 1 egg

3. 1 bar of melted butter

4. 2 tea spoons of water

5. Mix

6. But the to bake

7. Get them out and make the shape of the cookies while they are still soft

8. Let them cool


1. 1 bag of flower

2. 1 egg

3. 1/3 of oil

4. mix

5. Put them to bake

5. Let them cool

6. Cut them into squares

Step 3: Prototype

After baking we did the decorating part in school. We took the brownies in a container and the cookies in a jar. We also took vanilla frosting from Rich and Creamy, candy eyeballs, colorant, three containers to mix the colors and three spoons. First we decorated the brownies using the pastry bag with plane white frosting and two candy eyeballs for each to make them look like a mummy. Then for the cookies we made 3 colors of frosting and with the spoons put them into the cookies and again put candy eyeballs into them.

Step 4: Testing

Once we were finished we took some pictures of our final product and tasted it. Then we reflected on it and thought about if it turned out the way we wanted it to. We came to the conclusion that we should have put the brownies in less time to bake since they came out a little bit hard but we were satisfied with the results of everything else.

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