Introduction: Halloween Treat

These yummy treats are easy to make and great for halloween. I hope you enjoy this tutorial. These are just some ideas and the way I did mine but do whatever you want to do. I know this is very late for Halloween but I'm still going to post it. There's always next year.

Step 1: Supplies

Take out some cookies, preferably Oreos and some sprinkles. Then take some green and white candy melts( You can get them at Michaels) Microwave them until they are fully melted. If you don't have candy melts you can use white chocolate and food coloring to make it these colors. You could also try and make the designs with melted milk chocolate. Using regular chocolate is probably healthier.

Step 2: Preparing

After or before you melt the candy melts, take a plastic bag and cut off the corner to leave a small opening. This creates something like a pastry bag. Of course you could use a real pastry bag if you have one. Fill it up with the melted candy melts or chocolate. Try and do this quickly id you have already melted the chocolate or candy melts so you don't have to re melt them. Put your Oreos on a plate and your sprinkles nearby.

Step 3: Decorating- Spider Web

To make the spider web design, use the bag with the white chocolate.Squeeze the pastry bag for chocolate to come out. Try to make the design fairly quickly so the sprinkles will stick to the web at the end. Draw about four straight lines going across the cookie in different directions. You should have a horizontal, vertical, and two diagonal lines going across the cookie. Then make circles around the cookie overlapping the lines. I made the circles smaller in the middle and bigger on the edge. Take some sprinkles and sprinkle them on the lines. Shake the cookie slightly to get the excess off and so the sprinkles are all on the web. I used candy corn colors for mine but use any colors you like.

Step 4: Decorating- Frankenstein

To make the Frankenstein design, take the green chocolate and squirt a blob onto the cookie. Spread the blob out so the green coats the cookie. Either use sprinkles or the brown chocolate to make the hair. Line the sprinkles up at the top of the cookie or squirt some brown chocolate onto the cookie. Spread it out to create the hair. If you use chocolate you can add red sprinkles along the hairline. Take the white chocolate and put two medium sized dots toward the top of the cookie. Put brown sprinkles in the middle of the dots or take the brown chocolate and make two small dots in the middle. Create the mouth with a few red sprinkles or by making a mouth of white chocolate and placing sprinkles on the top. You can create scars out of sprinkles. So that's a way of making Frankenstein.

Step 5: Decorating- Candy Corn

To make the candy corn, squirt white chocolate onto the cookie. Spread it
out into a triangle. Place yellow sprinkles on the bottom of the triangle to make the first stripe. Then take orange sprinkles and place them above the yellow to create the second stripe. Place white sprinkles on the top of the candy corn for the last stripe. That part will already be white so you really don't need to place the white sprinkles to make it look like a candy corn.

Step 6: Decorating- Jack O Lantern

Cover the whole cookie in white chocolate. Take six brown sprinkles to make the eyes. Make two triangles out of them where you want the eyes to be. Make a mouth by placing two brown sprinkles in a slightly curved line. You can look for curved brown sprinkles in your sprinkle container or whatever your taking the sprinkles from. You could just use straight ones too. Then take the round white, yellow, and orange sprinkles and sprinkles them onto the cookie. I covered almost the whole cookie with them but do whatever you like. If you don't have the round ones, ou can just use regular spinkles in those colors. Try looking at the picture if you don't know what I mean by round- sorry I don't know how to describe them much better.