Introduction: Halo 3 Variant M6G (magnum) Pink Insulation Foam

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Here you have a decent halo cosplay of halloween prop for all you halo fans me included

it is a semi simple build with minimal required skill, knowledge, time, money or materials. all you need is just some household tools and a weekend afternoon (and probably a snack or two) to finish it.

this is my first "ible" so if i do something wrong or a link or picture doesn't work, just tell me in the comments and i will fix it in the week. I have to give partial credit to cathystutorials for the idea to make it from foam (i was going to make it from wood, what a pain in the bum that would be).

Without further ado, the gun!


exacto knife or jigsaw (please use knife on small details so you don't kill your hands)

hand or power drill

masking tape

duct tape

pink insulation foam (XPS insulation)

small torch/flashlight... whatever you call it (optional)

velcro straps (optional)

good attitude (NOT OPTIONAL)

help from friends (optional)

scotch tape (optional)

rainy afternoon

computer with printing capabilities or a good tracing hand

pencil, pen and sharpie


15 bucks/12 pounds/13 euro depending on where you live

sketch (thin) paper

sand paper



do not point this prop at anyone without their permission, it may be a prop, but that can still convince someone it is a gun, just because you know it is not a gun, doesn't mean others do

just treat it like a real gun and use common sense

Step 1: Tracing and Designing

foam options ^

the first is diagram for tracing and the second is my positive cutout

1. get paper and print/trace the second picture design to a size that fits your hand (3 inches of grip space is usually good)

2. when done tracing (should take about 10 min.) cut out the design so you have a positive image

3. tape or hold the design to your foam and trace the outline of the positive image of the pistol onto the foam in pencil/pen

Step 2: Cutting 1

cut the foam into a manageable sized rectangle with a jigsaw, knife or a band saw, mine was about 8" by 6", just enough to fit the gun

when done cutting the rectangle, mark it up with sharpie to show where to make relief cuts, when done with that, you will have the basic shape of your M6G.

Step 3: Cutting 2

fine tune your shape by cutting and sanding. I know it sounds dumb, sanding foam, but trust me it works. once you have reduced it to the proper shape, continue to the next step.

(I used a file and rasp)

Step 4: Detailing

use the picture as a reference and use your knife and sandpaper/block to add detailing such as safety, trigger and things like bolts/screws and pins

when done with that, cover in masking tape, a first layer against moisture and damage, than paint or cover with duct tape. Black is good and the regular grey or silver is good for the body.

if you use silver, to make the gun look used scratch up the silver or grey tape with your knife and sand or file it just enough to make it look like it was abraded.

(i did not put on a trigger in this photo)

the bolts are actually kind of cool, use old buttons and cover them with the silver or grey duct tape and then use the same tape to attach it

(use small buttons and when attaching the button to the gun, wrap the tape around the button so slightly to it looks separate, if you have a bigger budget use wood screws and... screw them in)

(I ran out of black tape)

update Feb 19, 2017

you can see those three last photos, those are the final product

I added a trigger (i already had one but it fell off)

I added iron sights from small cardboard fledging and red caution tape

finished grip

Step 5: Extra

if you want a cool addition, find another instructable on small led's and cover it , making a light for the gun, or you could get a small flashlight and tape it to the bottom finally painting it to the color of the body., also you can hollow the barrel to make it more realistic, but remember to not make it look too good, or it might be taken as a real weapon.

if you like this, i am making a smg, SPNKr rocket launcher, and knives.

More to come

if you like, thx

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