Introduction: Halo Book Ends

This instructable should show you how to make diorama book ends. Your's don't have to be Halo.

Step 1: Clean Off Your Book Ends

If you were like me, and just used old bookends that were laying around you'll have yo clean them first. To do this simply take a damp cloth or paper towel and wipe it down until the dust is gone.

Step 2: Add the Ground

To add your ground, just us clay or similar things (I used model magic). If necessary paint it after you make your ground the way you want it.

Step 3: Grass and Plants

This step is optional I only used grass and no trees. Just use some grass material I used grass paper, but you could just spray paint sandpaper green. To apply it just cut out the pieces you want (it will look better if you just use one big piece), then hot glue them onto the clay.

Step 4: Add Buildings

Also an optional step, but if you don't add buildings I would recommend adding a sky. To make your buildings use cardboard,foam (I used this), foamboard, or anything else you could use to build your structures. then glue them on.

Step 5: Add Props, People, or Animals

This step, again optional is pretty self-explanatory just glue your props, people, or animals on and you're done.

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